David M. Bellen Photography & Video
We spent months looking for a trustful photographer and videographer. After hearing so many horror stories from our friends about being overcharged or never getting their photos we had a hard time weeding through the businesses that claim to be the best. Dave Bellen was willing to travel over two hours to our location. He was on time, professional, and provided that classic wedding service that you fear you'll never be able to find. It was very easy to communicate between us and the turn around time for our products was quite efficient. We had a lot of unplanned surprises at our wedding and he managed to capture all of it.
Profile Picture Dara, 6/14/14, 1 Review
Category: Photography, Videography
David M. Bellen Photography & Video
From our very first meeting with Dave Bellen Photography, we received exceptional service. We agreed to use him in October 2013 and our wedding was not until November 2014. In the ensuing year, Dave was already available if we had questions and always made sure that our concerns were met. On our wedding day, Dave and Madeline were very professional and helpful, always making sure they could do anything to help. They showed up promptly at the the location they were instructed to and stayed on schedule our entire wedding day. They had all kinds of great ideas for pictures. Madeline applied all the men's flowers at the church and continued to check on flowers, pocket squares, etc during all the pictures. They did a great job getting all the pictures we needed but we never felt that they were intruding on our day. The pictures turned out wonderfully and we could not be happier with our selection.
Profile Picture Brian & Heather, 11/1/14, 7 Reviews
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David M. Bellen Photography & Video
Dave Bellen did our videography for our wedding. He was very professional, early to our venue setting up and his price was very reasonable for what we received. He captured every important moment as well as the fun ones. With our package we received 3 videos. The two for the parents were in cute cases with our label over the CD. The bride and groom case was even more beautiful. Our video was 2.5 hrs long because he wanted to capture as much as possible. The flow of the video was great. I've already watched it several times and I love it. We already had someone ask for his information to possibly do their wedding.
Profile Picture Pauline, 8/15/15, 5 Reviews
Category: Videography
David M. Bellen Photography & Video
I had Dave Bellen do the video for my wedding. He was so nice that I had wished I found him before I hired photographer because he also does photography as well and I believe he does a package for both. He was always very accommodating and responsive. At the wedding he was like a Ninja, I barely noticed he was there, yet he managed to capture everything and in such a wonderful way! He even put a nice memorial of my dad Dad in the video. I have been to weddings when the Videoagrapher only videos certain people, is in your face, or doesn't move around. He did not do that. He was on point and knew where to go and when without disturbing the guests and flow of the night. Not missing the important moments! If you need a Videoagrapher or photographer, I would highly recommend Dave Bellen! He is reasonable and not pushy at all like alot of those other ones out there. That was very impressive to me. His work speaks for itself and so he doesn't need too pressure people into anything. The video was so beautiful!
It had chapters so you don't have to watch everything from the beginning if you don't want to. He also made it like you were watching a movie with credits and all, very creative! Thank you again Dave!!! Give him a call, you won't be sorry!
Profile Picture Chelsea, 9/10/16, 1 Review
David M. Bellen Photography & Video
Paul P.

It’s hard to know where to start when you have such an amazing experience with someone. First off, if you haven’t done so already head over to Dave’s website and take a look at his photo galleries (www.davebellenphoto.com). The work speaks for itself. However, there are always other factors to consider when using a photographer. I can assure you that Dave will not let you down at all. He and his wife were incredibly easy to work with and we cannot say enough good things about them. They showed up the morning of our wedding at the house (where the bridesmaids were getting ready) and immediately got to work. Dave and his wife Madeline (who assists Dave while he takes pictures) knew the best places to take pictures and had several wonderful ideas for pictures. I want to say that if you choose Dave and Madeline that you are not only getting a photographer but also people you can count on to help direct your day or fix any unexpected issues that come up along the way. When my flowers arrived soaked Madeline sprung into action and helped us sop them up. When the groom and best man nearly destroyed one of their boutonnieres goofing around Madeline helped pin it back together. Out of all of the vendors, we spent the most time interacting with Dave and Madeline and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else as our photographers. All of the photos are amazing whether they were outdoors, during the ceremony, or during the reception. Everyone looks amazing and we have way too many “favorites” to count. Another thing we absolutely loved about Dave and Madeline is that we didn’t even know they were there during the reception (this also included the videographer we hired through Dave). We had a choreographed dance routine during our first dance and Dave stayed completely out of the way but still caught some amazing shots of everything. We never imagined dancing as much as we did during our wedding and we know it was because we didn’t have to worry about our photographer pulling us off of the dance floor every ten minutes. Despite this we still got all of the important photos such as parents, grandparents, bridal party, etc. The last item I will touch base on is the combo package Dave offers. You can purchase the services of a photographer and assistant for the entire day as well as a videographer (Shawn) for the ceremony and reception for a price you cannot beat. All of the pictures taken (we received over 700) are completely yours and you receive them in digital form. Thank you cards, albums, and prints can also be ordered directly from Dave. I HIGHLY recommend getting this package even if you’re leery of the video. This package is competitive with what photographers charge for pictures alone. At worst you can put the DVD away and never view it. We had a lot of amazing moments during the wedding that we can’t wait to relive with our friends and family. Shawn did a fantastic job capturing our event. If I didn’t hire a videographer I would immediately regret it the next day. To sum all of this up, Dave was an amazing photographer and you will not regret hiring him for your wedding.
Jun 12, 2016
I feel like I was at Jen and Adams wedding
David M. Bellen Photography & Video
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